• 04 Mar 2024
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What's New


  • Alpha Sort Menu Item
    Easily sort records alphabetically by using the Alpha Sort menu item under the Module Menu.


  • Paperless Interviews
    Create Interview Panels and give them access to the new Online Interviews section of your web services. Between a specified window of time, panelists can log in and see the schedule of interviews they've been assigned to that day, view the applicant forms and documents you allow, and score them. Score sheets are customizable. Their final score will be inputted right into TradeSchool, where it can be counted toward that applicant's Interview Average.

  • Batch Schedule Interviews
    Schedule all your interviews at once, with a new tool built similarly to the Batch Schedule Aptitude Test Tool.

  • Minimum Character Count in Applications
    You can now specify a minimum character count for your online application forms or interview scoring forms.

  • Require Sequential Completion of Application Steps
    You can now require your applicants to complete their application steps in sequential order.

  • Completion Timestamp added to Application Web Steps
    Track exactly when an applicant completed an application step online.

  • New Slider Type Element for Online Applications and Interview Forms
    You can now add a “Slider” type element to your online forms, with a custom range of numbers for the user to choose from.

  • Notes field in Applications Header
    You can now keep and view and edit the “Notes” field under the Personal tab in the Application header at all times.

  • Alpha Sort menu item
    Easily sort records alphabetically by using the Alpha Sort menu item under the Module Menu.


  • Apprentice Document Sharing
    Apprentices can access their documents from the web. Upload any document to their apprentice record and check the share box so that it is available to them on their portal.

  • Batch Advance
    Find all apprentices who are eligible to advance using your “Eligible to Advance” formula, and advance them all with the click of a button, sending out notifications to the apprentice, their contractor and union contacts.

  • Pay Scale Settings: Update and Create Button
    It happens every year, you get a new contract and need to reset everyone’s pay rates to the new rate. We have changed the PayScale settings to help with this. Now, when you change any settings in the Pay Scale it will not update any records until you click the “Update” button. This will help you preview the wages before making them effective.
    You can also now use the “Create” button in the Settings after editing the Full Wage or other payscale settings, which will duplicate the apprentices most recent advancement record, applying the new pay scale settings and an optional new advance date, only affecting active apprentices for that pay scale. Perfect for handling a new contract.

  • Supervisor Does Not Exist Message
    If you utilize Online Work Report Evaluations, the web services will now alert your apprentices if the email they’ve entered for requesting evaluation does not find a user match in the system, alerting them to notify their supervisor to create a TradeSchool Web Services account.

  • Additional Date and Text header fields in Apprentices
    We have moved the advance notes field off to the right, which made room for us to add 3 additional date fields and two additional text fields to the header, now creating three columns of custom Date, Number and Text fields.

  • Alpha Sort menu item
    Easily sort records alphabetically by using the Alpha Sort menu item under the Module Menu.

  • Apprentice Evaluation Requests
    Enable apprentices to request evaluations from their contractors from their web services. These requests will either go up to the contacts you have set up to receive Job Evaluation notifications, or a custom email the apprentice types in - depending on the settings. This will also add a signature element to the evaluation form.


  • Instructor/Student Document Sharing
    Allow your Instructors to upload documents to the class, where students can then access them as part of that class' detail page on the web services. Documents can be uploaded either to share with students or just to the office. Office can also share documents to both the Instructors and Students from TradeSchool.

  • Online Class Live Chat
    Instructors, Students and the Office can now communicate in a group chat from the web. Chat can be moderated by both the Instructors and the Office. Instructors and Students can chat from their web account, and the Office can chat right from within the Training module. Turn on Push Notifications to receive notifications as well!

  • Setup Dates Calendar View
    View and modify your class schedule in a wonderful calendar interface, right from within the Training Module.

  • Schedule class dates every [x] weeks
    You can now schedule class dates for an every other week pattern with the click of a button. Does class occur every 2, 3 or 4 weeks? No problem, just put in the custom number in the Every x Weeks field and the dates will calculate accordingly.

  • Notes field in Training Header
    You can now keep and add notes in the header which will be editing the “Notes” field for the class.

  • Alpha Sort menu item
    Easily sort records alphabetically by using the Alpha Sort menu item under the Module Menu.


  • Rich Text Editor in Correspondence Email
    Edit your correspondence email templates utilizing a beautiful Rich Text Editor where you can now access new formatting options, add photos, hyperlinks and more. Utilize hyperlinks to send out digital copies of documents - a sleek alternative to email attachments that will allow you to send documents to your users, right within the email correspondence.

  • Check Messages from the Web Services
    A new tab on the My Account page called “Messages” allows users who log into Web Services to see all messages that have been sent to them from TradeSchool - including correspondence, automated web emails and more.

  • Message Log Tab
    The Messaging Log is now available in the Correspondence tab of each module so you can quickly check the status of messages recently sent without having to go into the Settings.


  • Credit Card Fee Line Item
    Once you’ve finalized your invoice, add the new “Credit Card Fee” type item that will analyze the subtotal and automatically calculate the necessary fee add-on so that you can net the original total after credit card fees.
  • Credit Usage
    You can now allow students to use any credits on their accounts to pay class registration fees when Registering for class online.

Documents and Notes

  • Documents Storage Moved to AWS S3
    Documents you store in TradeSchool are now moved to the secure hosting services "S3" with AWS. After updating to this build, your documents are moved behind the scenes to the encrypted and secure Amazon's cloud infrastructure. You still access your document through the TradeSchool FileMaker and Web interface, while knowing they're even more secure on the back end. This also reduces the size of backups and increases overall performance.

  • Custom Maximum Drop Zone Document Size
    You can now customize the maximum file size for documents, if you need to exceed the default of 10MB.

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