Getting Started With The App
  • 05 Jun 2024
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Getting Started With The App

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How to get started with TradeSchools Mobile App

Schedule Update

📲 To start using the app you will need to be updated to build 219 or later. Please reach out to schedule an update with the TradeSchool team.

Send an email to Support

To schedule an update email

Sign up for Invoice & Access

To start click on the Settings Module. Next go to the Web Services > Server > Mobile App tab.

Check box, Enable Mobile App

Setting- App.png

Once the Enable Mobile App box is checked in the settings, a pop-up Moblie App Agreement will appear. To enable Moblie App connectivity, you will need to read and Agree. You can print the agreement.

Once you agree, an invoice will be sent out immediately to your organization.

moblie app agreement.png

Start Using the App

Once things have been set up in the Settings Module. Your apprentices can log in on the app.

Apprentices will need to download the app on the iOS App Store OR the Google Play Store.

For iPhone users go to the iOS App Store search 🔍 TradeSchool Mobile

⬇️ iOS App Store Download

app in app store .PNG

For Andriod users go to the Google Play Store search 🔍 TradeSchool Account Managment

⬇️ Google Play Store App Download

Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 3.49.40 PM.png

Once downloaded, the moblie app login page will include a drop-down menu where apprentices can select their school, username, and password.


Apprentice Login Information

Every Apprentice will use their main email to login.

Their password is the same password as their web services account password.

Each time an apprentice logs in on the app, they will use the exact same login credentials that they use for logging into the web services. In the event of a forgotten password, they can select 'Forgot Password.'

Website Graphic

Below is a graphic you can use if you'd like to advertise the app on your website or in an email.
Mobile App Banner@2x.jpg

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